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Now from the smart tag of the Grid View choose "Edit Template" and then select "Edit Item Template" of Company Name column.

This will display the template designer for the column as shown in Figure 6.

I have tried to add an event handler to the Row Updated event of my custom control but it is not called.

I have tried to override On Row Updated in my custom control, but the breakpoint never gets hit.

Here, we set the Data Source of the Grid View to Sql Data Source1. We also enable paging, sorting and editing features of the Grid View.

By default when the Grid View controls goes in edit mode, it displays Text Boxes for entering values.

Check out this MSDN article For me it was the "Enable View State" set to TRUE on the grdiview. I tried the code my self (sans the grid view) which worked.

Does the function contain some code or is it empty?

There can be several approaches taken for validating data. For our example we are going to use Customers table of Northwind database. Open its smart tag and choose "Configure Data Source" option to start Configure Data Source wizard.

If you need it perform an action for the row, you may want to look at the Button Field object using the Command Name property and the Row Command event.

I believe I have found this answer to this one myself, after further debugging I found that my Control for changing the date range for the Grid View was being fired when changing the Check Box value or the Drop Down List value.

Note that by default all validation controls validate on the client side.

Right click on the Grid View and select "End template editing" Run the web form.

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